Educational Demonstrations

Gardening Demonstration:

Teacher: City Farm Chicago -> City Farm Chicago will be going over and demsonstrating the introduction to gardening. The

  • City Farm is a sustainable vegetable farm bordering two very diverse Chicago neighborhoods: Cabrini-Green and the Gold Coast. The farm boasts thirty varieties of tomatoes as well as beets, carrots, potatoes, gourmet lettuces, herbs and melons. All produce is grown in composted soil generated from various sources, such as restaurant trimmings from some of the city’s finest kitchens.

Solar Energy Demonstration:

Teacher: Illinois Solar and Energy Association (ISEA)-> ISEA will be demonstrating and educating about Solar Energy technology.

  • Their mission is to provide energy education to the Illinois public and promote the widespread application of solar, renewable and sustainable energy methods and technologies. We educate our seminar participants about technology, finance and policy issues that can aid them in either adopting renewable energy technologies or advocating for adoption in their communities.

Tree Planting Demonstration:

Teacher: Illinois Arborist Association (IAA) -> The IAA will be bringing a tree to demsonstrate how to properly plant a tree and maintain its life.

  • The Illinois Arborist Association is a non-profit organization that educates our members in proper tree care. We support research on trees. Our mission is to “Foster interest, establish standards, exchange professional ideas and pursue scientific research in Arboriculture.”

Composting Demonstration:

Teacher: U of I Extension->

  • Extension in Cook County has grown to provide programs that will help people become better stewards of their lives and of the county’s place in a global economy. Our staff provides innovative programming to more than 500,000 people each year, and is ideally equipped to offer the people of Cook County what they need to succeed in this challenging environment.
  • They will also be demonstrating – Worm Composting, Science Behind Composting, Insect Petting Zoo (hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, and tarantulas)

Bicycling Safety Demonstration:

Teacher: Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors -> Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors will be educating students on correct bicycle safety and how riding bikes is a carbon free way of transportation!

  • Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors are the City of Chicago’s bike-safety and public-awareness outreach team. We promote safety for all road users – bike riders, motorists, and pedestrians – and encourage all Chicagoans ride their bikes more

Energy Efficiency Demonstration:

Teacher: Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA)-> The MREA will be teaching and explaining how to live a sustainable life by using renewable energy.

  • The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration. MREA is a national leader in providing high quality education and training programs for consumers, businesses, and renewable energy system installers. For more than 18 years we have offered workshops, seminars, and conferences that demonstrate that renewable energy is practical, reliable, and ready for mainstream use.

Electric Vehicles - Carbon Day Automotive will host a display of Electric Vehicles, automobiles that will change the transportation industry in the next few years.  Visitors will be able to see how charging stations, already in use throughout the country, operate.  The cars and fuels of the future are on the roads!

Biodiesel Processor- Echo Biodiesel will be leading a demonstration on how to make biodeisal fuel for your car from left over vegetable oil!

Tree Facts

• Two mature trees provide enough oxygen for a family of four.
• One acre of trees removes 2.6 tons of CO2 per year.
• About one third of the United States of America is covered by forests
• The average tree in an urban area has a life expectancy of only 8 years.
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