We  are looking for Corporate Partnerships

Carbon Day and your organization will collaborate in order to reduce your inidivaiual and collective carbon footprint. Carbon Day will assist your employees on action plans to reduce your carbon output by “X” percentage annually. By following the program one of the carbon day representatives designs for your company this will help reduce overall expenses, increase employee/client retention and employee production, in which increases profitability. There are also numerous amount of carbon credits that can be retained and sold off on secondary markets or to keep and offset taxes for your own company. Please contact us to get further details on some of customizable programs for you.

  • As a Carbon Day partner, your company gains comprehensive visibility in the emerging green economy through the nation’s leading sustainability event.
  • Share your products and services with hundreds of thousands of attendees.
  • Expose your company regionally and nationally through our extensive media campaign.
  • Receive recognition as a Carbon Day partner at the event and on Carbon Day collateral.
  • Connect with other successful businesses through partner events and benefits.
  • Collaborate on a partnership plan tailored to meet your business needs while supporting the green movement.
  • Tailor Made Sustainability plan for your company.
  • Advertising opportunities on electric charging stations throughout the country

Existing Partners:

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Tree Facts

• Two mature trees provide enough oxygen for a family of four.
• One acre of trees removes 2.6 tons of CO2 per year.
• About one third of the United States of America is covered by forests
• The average tree in an urban area has a life expectancy of only 8 years.
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