Solar Envy in Los Angeles?

April 9, 2009 by carbonday  
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Today Matt Kelly of the LA Alternative Transportation Examiner put out a response to Carbon Day and Coulomb Technologies’ joint press release announcing the unveiling of the first Networked Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles.

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Kelly’s main argument is that Chicago has an average of 84 sunny days compared to 300+ in LA. On the surface, that’s true, but should it matter?

The fact is that any energy that we can glean from renewable sources is a good thing. If we can supplement electricity that we get from the grid, which is powered primarily by fossil fuels, even just a little bit then that’s a positive. Germany has a very similar ratio of sunny to non-sunny days as Chicago and yet they are one of the global leaders in solar technology implementation.

Kelly makes an excellent case for Los Angeles’ ability to get back into the solar technology race based on past leadership. “And remember LA in the ’70′s? You could hardly breathe due to the smog here, and it was this city that showed the world how progressive policies can clean up the air. Because of this, I find it hard to believe that any community will embrace this public-charging technology more so that Angelenos.”

We at Carbon Day believe that it is healthy to have an inter-city competition to become the greenest city in the country. We welcome the challenge and believe it is up to our leaders and our citizens to stand up and make the leadership choices that will enable us to create a lasting infrastructure for solar technology and other renewable energy sources. It will only create a cleaner city, country and world for future generations.

So, L.A., not only do we welcome the challenge but we are happy to collaborate!

Carbon Day is capable of delivering the same Solar Charging Technology coupled with Coulomb Technologies’ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to any city in the United States. Please contact us for more information.

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